I Am a Believer in Chiropractic Care Now

I know most people take their bodies for granted. Sure, a lot of people watch what they eat and even work out to stay in decent shape, but that should only be a part of the plan rather than the entire plan. The first time I saw my chiropractor in Huntington NY, it was because […]

I know most people take their bodies for granted. Sure, a lot of people watch what they eat and even work out to stay in decent shape, but that should only be a part of the plan rather than the entire plan. The first time I saw my chiropractor in Huntington NY, it was because I had fallen down a flight of steps. My back was causing me a world of pain, and I knew that I needed to see a specialist. Since it was my back causing me all the pain, it only made sense to see a chiropractor.

I had never been to one before, so I went online to find one that I would be comfortable with. I looked at several different chiropractic websites, and choosing Waterfront Chiropractic was actually a very easy decision. Read more “I Am a Believer in Chiropractic Care Now”

I Wanted to Feel Good Again

I learned something when I first started looking for a chiropractor in Redding. I was doing this online because I just did not have time to contact each chiropractic center and ask questions to determine if they were the right one for me. I looked up all the local ones to me, and I went to their individual websites to see if I could find the one I wanted this way. When I saw Shasta Spine Specialists, I knew they were the ones for me. What I learned came from this site too.

Most kids fall down quite a few times before they learn to keep their balance. Even after they learn about balance, some kids and teens still take a tumble now and again. Read more “I Wanted to Feel Good Again”

Chiropractic Care is Now Regular for Me

I kept seeing advertisements for a San Diego chiropractor, and that really confused me. I knew that they treated people for things like wrecks and accidents, but these ads were talking about general health and well being visits. I had no idea that a person went to a chiropractor when they were not even hurting, and I wanted to find out more. I went to their website, and I was very surprised by everything that I read there. I knew that they were doctors who worked mainly with the spine area, but I had no idea just how far their specialties extended.

One thing that really settled deep within me was a question that they posed on their site. It was, when should a person go to see a chiropractor? And, the answer was very simple. Read more “Chiropractic Care is Now Regular for Me”

I Want to Maintain This Good Feeling

Sometimes when you have a new pain, you can just kind of tell if it is one that will just take a couple of days to feel better or if it is one where you need to get to a doctor right away. The pain I woke up with the other day was kind of in between those two, so I decided to wait at least a day to see if it did go away on its own. When I was not even able to bend over to tie my own shoelaces, I contacted a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ to see about coming in.

I am retired, so I didn’t need to be in top shape so I could go to work. Read more “I Want to Maintain This Good Feeling”

Keeping My Teeth Healthy is a Lifetime Goal and Commitment

Most of my family waits until they have a problem before they see a dentist. I go to get things treated proactively to prevent those situations when I might have to see a dentist with a toothache or cracked or chipped tooth. I regularly go to a dentist in DTC to get my teeth cleaned and examined. I have only had a couple of cavities so far in my whole life. I was always meticulous about brushing and flossing even though my parents kind of left it to my siblings and I to make sure we did the routine every night before bed and in the morning before school. They did make sure I was not just wetting the toothbrush, but they did not monitor how we brushed after we learned. We did not have to floss either.

I chose to brush and floss and use a fluoride rinse. I paid attention in health class when I was little. Read more “Keeping My Teeth Healthy is a Lifetime Goal and Commitment”

The Pressure We Place on Our Backs

Lower back pain affects nearly 31 million Americans, especially those over 65. As most Americans have lived challenging lives due to the amount of physical labor that many of them were employed to do. I work at an Amazon Fulfillment Center as a Picker. I walk up to ten to fifteen miles a day bending and reaching for items that shoppers have bought on the website. All this constant motion has already begun to put a serious strain on my lower and upper back. That’s how and why I found Cumming Chiropractor – after only six months of working I was afraid for my back.

I’m beginning to look toward the future because of this. Am I going to be able to handle this kind of work in five years? Ten years? Is it going to be worth it to actually continue working in such a physically demanding profession? The money is actually very good but I don’t know if my body is going to actually be able to cope with the amount of stress and pressures that I’ll be forcing it through. Read more “The Pressure We Place on Our Backs”

My Trip to the Dentist

I like to eat peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and cashews. I was cracking and eating pistachios one evening watching TV and accidentally put part of the shell in my mouth instead of the pistachio nut. I bit down and chipped a tooth. It took out a decent size piece of my tooth. It became instantly sensitive to hot and cold things. I waited out the weekend and made an appointment with my Aurora dentist to get it fixed.

The big deal for me is that I do not like to go to the dentist. I never have any problems, but I just have a natural fear of medical procedures of any kind. I get afraid of things that might happen. This makes me put off seeing the dentist for too long. My teeth are nice enough that my smile always looks good. Read more “My Trip to the Dentist”

I Tripped While Walking My Dogs

My husband and I take our dogs for a walk every day, or at least we try to. The other day, it was raining pretty hard, so we were walking with umbrellas. Our dogs don’t care if they get wet, so it was not a bad walk at first. It turned that way quickly though when I stumbled over a broken piece of the sidewalk and nearly fell. I caught myself, but I was hurting pretty bad. I thought it would be my ankle that was hurting the most, but it was my back. A chiropractor in San Francisco was able to help me with it though.

I had never been to one before, so I went to my regular doctor first. He told me that there was nothing he could do for a sore back other than prescribe some pain medication. While I definitely did not like the pain, I liked the idea of taking narcotics even less. Read more “I Tripped While Walking My Dogs”